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Cảm biến vị trí hành trình xi lanh thủy lực SGH50

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Cảm biến vị trí hành trình xi lanh thủy lực SGH50

Position sensors for hydraulic cylinders

Overview: Wire-actuated encoders for hydraulic cylinders

   Position sensors, based on the proven wire-pull principle, for demanding  and safety-critical applications, in the area of mobile hydraulics or the industrial use of hydraulic cylinders, telescope cylinders or piston accumulators.

Completely Integrable Wire-Actuated Encoders for Hydraulic Cylinders, Telescopic Cylinders and Piston Accumulators

   SIKO Linear Line Wire-Actuated Encoder of the SGH series are based more than 30 years of development history and the experience from a large number of demanding applications in a wide range of industries. The intelligent design and operating principle of the measuring equipment enables measuring ranges from zero to five meters despite very compact dimensions. The encoders are used in a wide variety of mobile machines, such as construction machinery, agricultural machinery, municipal vehicles and commercial vehicles. Manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders and OEMs use the robust technology successfully and appreciate the associated competitive advantages of the SIKO wire-actuated encoders.

   SIKO already introduced a world novelty on the market for position sensors in 2015 with "string pots" in hydraulic cylinders. The first model of the SGH series, the SGH10, was presented with a measuring length of up to 1000 mm. The innovation: This was the first fully integrated wire-actuated encoder for position measurement of hydraulic cylinders, which impress with a variety of advantages compared to conventional solutions at the same time. The SGH10 was immediately recognized by the market as a particularly innovative product and distinguished with the i-Novo Award in the "TECH" category.

Make Your Hydraulic Cylinder Smart

   SGH technology transforms hydraulic cylinders, telescopic cylinders and piston accumulators alike into “smart hydraulic systems”, in industry as well as in mobile machines. The electronics with teach-in functionality means full flexibility for you in terms of measuring range and reduces the need for stocking different variants for different measuring lengths. Thanks to this feature, the position sensor can be taught to any measuring length between 0 mm and its maximum measuring length.

Simple and Cost-Effective Integration – Piston Drilling Farewell!

   The innovative wire-based design and functional concept as well as complete cylinder integration of mechanics and electronics is easily implemented and provides protection against any external environmental influences. A major advantage of SIKO SGH wire-actuated encoders for the production process of hydraulic cylinders or telescopic cylinders is the elimination of the need to drill cylinder piston holes, since this is very time- and cost-intensive and could weaken the piston.

Wire-Actuated Encoders Are Robust, even in Adverse Conditions

   The complete measuring system is installed in the cylinder and consequently optimally protected against external ambient conditions. Clear advantage: unlike measuring systems externally mounted on the cylinder, the sensor system cannot be damaged or negatively affected by environmental influences or even destroyed. Another advantage of SGH technology is its resistance to shock and vibration. There can be very sharp blows and shocks especially in the case of commercial vehicles such as construction or agricultural machinery, for example, if an excavator bucket hits the ground with force. The result would be a strong shock wave, which would also affect the installed sensor in addition to the hydraulic cylinder and piston. Wire-actuated encoders, which are operated using a flexible wire, absorb this effect excellently!

Operating Life and Comprehensive Long-Term Tests

   Number of revolutions, power relations and spring characteristics are determined and defined product-specific at SIKO. SGH wire-actuated transducers set standards especially with respect to longevity and robustness, since they are designed and tested electronically (contactless, magnetic measuring principle) as well as mechanically over the operating life of a cylinder and comply with the quality requirements of the leading cylinder manufacturers and OEMs. Long-term tests for new developments at SIKO and collaboration with leading cylinder manufacturers ensure quality and longevity.


   + Measurement range up to 5000 mm

   + Integration of the sensor technology in hydraulic cylinders or telescopic cylinders

   + Extremely robust and durable sensors

   + High shock and vibration tolerance

   + Peak pressures up to 650 bar

   + Can be used for safety-critical applications up to PLd

   Những lợi ích khi bạn mua hàng tại Công ty AMECH:

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     - Sản phẩm trước khi xuất xưởng luôn được kiểm tra nghiêm ngặt;

     - Sản phẩm được bảo hành 12 tháng nên bạn có thể yên tâm khi sử dụng;

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Model: SGH50

Position sensor for hydraulic cylinders with measuring lengths up to 5000 mm

Profile SGH50:

+ Measuring range 0 … 5000 mm (196.85 inches)

+ Absolute measuring system

+ Pressure-resistant up to 350 bar, pressure peaks up to 450 bar

+ High degree of flexibility, adjustable to all measuring lengths thanks to teach-in

+ Redundant interfaces available

+ Safety version usable up to Performace Level d

+ Analog, CANopen, SAE J1939, CANopen Safety interface

Xuất xứ: GERMANY.

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